Viralic Protocol Updates

Mainnet beta testing going on

The first mining epochs have passed and first VIC and VIP tokens were mined! The project is in public availability now but has not been publicly promoted yet, this to consent a safe beta testing on Mainnet by the initial team. Check out our Discord Channel to get involved in our team and contribute to the project. The first 10 contributors will be granted 50 VICs of the first 500 that were airdropped after launch, so hurry up and join us!

Smart Contracts protocol updated today

VicRandomizerOracle was updated today to version V02, with some issues solved including:

  • Protection against front running attacks: now the random generation (BNB rewarding) is available only to VIC owners (a minimum of 1 VIC). The mininum requirements could be rised up in the future, for a bigger protection.
  • Enhanced Security for random generation, now based on a mix of 3 different past block hashes (before were 2) for every random number to generate.

What's going on in Viralic Protocol?

Lots of work for smart contract beta testing and web site refinement. We hope to start with public promotion as soon as possible, to attract new users. This includes:

  • Token publication on DEXs and market information platforms.
  • Posts on news and blog aggregators, social networks.
  • Github smart contract sources publication.
  • Any advice is welcome!

What's the deal with Viralic Protocol?

We're glad you asked! If you don't belong to our community have a look to our preliminary Documentation!

Community Updates

**BSC Mainnet Contracts: Randomizer Oracle UPDATED **

See you soon!

That's all for now, folks! Happy Viral Mining! 😎