June News

Community in expansion

Hi guys, some big milestones have reached and we are glad to report some news. The project is in public availability now, contracts seem stable and promotion is in progress, so we need help to expand the community.

What's going on in Viralic Protocol?

Lots of work for web site refinement, promoting the protocol, community engagement.

  • 23 VIP mining epochs have passed, 253000 VIPs have been mined from launch.
  • VIP/BNB VIC/BNB and VIP/VIC liquity pools now available on MDEX and PancakeSwap. Using 1Inch you can get the best quotes.
  • First Story published on Medium
  • Dapp published on bscproject.org
  • Smart Contract sources publication started on Github. Sources will be published gradually with community expansion.
  • Promotion is in progress, we really need help to attract new users and to spread referral codes. To incentivize protocol adoption VIC referral bonus has been incremented to 20 VIC (or VIC-20? 😎) !!!!

What's the deal with Viralic Protocol?

We're glad you asked! If you don't belong to our community have a look to our preliminary Documentation!

Community Updates

Check out our Discord Channel to get involved in our team and contribute to the project. We are starting an Ambassador Program to get more user attraction on the Discord server, join us and ask for more information.

See you soon!

See you next month and let's refer! 😎